Meat Love - The Ultimate Theatrical Rock Sensation
Meat Love, the Tilburg based Meatloaf tribute , was founded in the summer of 2009 by a select group of experienced musicians who wanted
to take up the challenge to interpret the grand rock songs of Jim Steinman live.

His theatrical music, written for Meat Loaf, would be performed with a huge show, equaling the original. Unlimited (except maybe in finance)
and brimming with enthusiasm , these musicians went to work.

After the try-out it soon became clear that the high aim of Meat Love turned out not to be science fiction but pure reality.

Meat Love provides a manicured-to-perfection Meatloaf tribute that will convince friend and foe.
Musical perfection, visually inspiring with the unbeatable unhinged monster that is leadsinger Bigg F. Meat, who knows how to hit each
song to the core from the lowest to the highest notes, from the subtle ballad to the stunning rock bangers .
Together with his female sidekicks, the Pavarotti-esque figure transforms each venue or festival to a lively party out of Hell !

The band performs, among others:
I'd Do Anything For Love , Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad , Dead Ringer For Love , Bat out of Hell and of course the classic Paradise by the
Dashboard Light .

Meat Love offers a show that public and programmer will remember as a great experience.

Meat Love is Frank 'Bigg F. Meat' van Zon, the band is Marlène Berger and Gitta Lammers (vocals), Wido de Klein (bass), David Maes (guitars),
Cor Janson (keyboards), Jens van Breemen (piano) and Mark van Uden (drums).